Ever been involved in a misunderstanding?  Ever act on someone’s word in good faith, only to have them twist everything around?  Ever trust someone and then kick yourself, wishing that you hadn’t?  Ever try to help someone and then end up with egg all over your face?  Ever been falsely accused?


These things happened to Steve Kraus, just like they often happen to many of us on a regular basis, but in his case, evil malcontents behind the scene pushed to elevate these mishaps into inflated criminal charges, charges which cost Steve Kraus his seat in the Ohio House, his reputation and his career.


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When events in your life were wrongly interpreted and blown out of proportion, did you do what you could to make it right?  Most of us do what we can, in the time that we have, to resolve things to the best of our ability.  But our best efforts are never perfect because we are not perfect, living in an imperfect world with limited resources.  But should we be shoved into becoming a convicted felon over these simple misunderstandings?


Put yourself in Steve Kraus shoes, or the shoes of any innocent victim.  Imagine yourself sitting in the courtroom as your efforts to help someone six months ago are picked apart, minor things are blown out of proportion, and what you believed to be true is torn apart.  You watch stunned as key witnesses change their testimony, yet no one seems to care.  You listen as key evidence which you gave to your attorney is not presented.  You sit in stunned disbelief when you are told that “they” never received certain files or that key witnesses who you are expecting to see were never subpoenaed.  On top of that, a key government official who has insight that could exonerate you weasels out of their subpoena.


Are we really supposed to believe that a man with an honorable service record, strong family ties and a community that knows and respects him would really risk all of that to make a buck off of a few antiques from a trashed home?  Are we really supposed to accept that there is nothing that we can do about an innocent man’s life being shattered through corrupt collusion?


Join us as we pick apart this case, over and over, in an attempt to learn what really happened and who was pulling strings behind the scenes to manipulate the outcome.


Please read Steve Kraus’ story carefully, as this could easily happen to you!  Take action by letting your friends and family know so that more people will call key individuals to let them know that this is not acceptable.


When these things happen, it is imperative that the community rise up around the innocent and work tirelessly to restore justice because when power mongers get away with smashing one innocent victim, they get worse, they grow emboldened, attacking more innocent victims and trying more outlandish schemes.


Thank you for your time and your efforts in defense of Liberty.