The unsecured house that Representative Kraus was accused of stealing items of an indeterminate value from.

Independently wealthy, Chris Redfern, was the Chair of the Ohio Democrat Party and he was removed from that position after he lost his Ohio House of Representatives seat to veteran and life long Christian Steve Kraus. Steve spent a fraction of the money on the race that Chris did, because Steve is not wealthy and few thought he could topple the powerful Redfern. While Representative Kraus was convicted of a felony that caused him to be removed from office, the items that Steve was accused of stealing were never given a value by the court, the items were never recovered on Steve's person, no one ever accused Steve of selling the supposed stolen items, he was never required to make restitution to the victim for the items he supposedly stole, and the victim changed her testimony on what exactly was taken from the abandoned house multiple times. Additionally, the house he was accused of stealing items from had set abandoned and unsecured for years and many people had access to the house.

In 2014, Steve Kraus was a realtor and auctioneer, running for a seat in the Ohio House against the head of the Ohio Democratic Party and incumbent Chris Redfern.  In April 2014, Steve meets Jenine Porter, a fellow realtor, at a continuing education seminar.  Jenine has an elderly client in desperate need of cash.  Accepting his colleague at her word and believing that he is acting with the permission of the client, Steve removes several items from the client's unlocked, abandoned, trashed home for appraisal, items which he returns within a few days.  Steve goes about his business, but unbeknownst to him, the family has filed a police report against him.  Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan, a close friend of Chris Redfern, sits on the report for three months, but as the election starts to heat up and Steve becomes a serious contender in the political race against his buddy, Mark Mulligan shops the case around to find a Special Prosecutor who will take the case.  During this time, Steve is offered a plea bargain where he can have the charges dropped if he will simply remove himself from the House race.  Steve declines and wins the election, but two week’s later, he is indicted by a grand jury for burglary and theft.  The case goes to trial and despite glaring inconsistencies in witness testimonies, potential collusion between Mark Mulligan and the realtor, and missing evidence, Steve is convicted.  Steve becomes a felon and is removed from his seat in the Ohio House.


Since his railroaded conviction, evidence received through Ohio Public Records requests indicate potential collusion between Chris Redfern and the prosecution.


Steve Kraus is actively seeking relief to have the conviction overturned, as well as aggressive justice against any corrupt perpetrators who abused their position of power.


Steve Kraus will prevail.