Case Synopsis

Things to observe and consider

3:17 – 3:28 – Helen Stines is on the stand and when asked “You told Officer Meisler that your realtor may have given a male subject that was unknown at the time permission to enter the residence, correct?”  Her response?  “Not that I know of.”  Compare that to her  statement in the Police report –

(Click on the above image to see it more clearly.)

3:34 – 3:45 – Take a minute to see Jenine Porter on the stand.  In this clip, she is asked “Did you ever give Steve Kraus permission to go into the house?”  Her response “No.”  (To her defense, her story has been that Steve was only to photograph an antique car, not to enter the house.)

4:27 – 5:05 – Clay Stines, Helen Stines son, is on the stand and is asked “Did you receive any messages from Roger Pean?”  (Roger Pean, later updated to Dean, is finally listed on the police report as a witness starting in 7/15/14 when it is verified that he is actually the one who took photographs of Steve Kraus entering the house.)  He says “Yes, I was at the shop working.  He (Roger Pean) said that someone was at the house.  I told him that it was probably the auctioneer, he was supposed to look at some antiques and the antique car.  He was just there to give her an appraisal on some of the stuff.”  Cross Examiner: “Did you know what he was specifically to look at?”  He replies “Just some antiques that my mom had in the house.  I don’t know what he was supposedly there to look at that day.  There was antique car in the garage.  That is what he was supposed to look at…”


The Sentencing

Press Conference after the Verdict

It was noted that many court observers were more shocked and emotional than Steve himself.

Steve’s demeanor and composure during this entire ordeal are a tribute to his character and fortitude.  Steve will prevail.